Dubai Travel

Does having a holiday require high budget as it is thought?

You planned a vacation to Dubai and wanted its budget to be very high, then Dubai travel for 299$ including aeroplane expenses is not impossible…

But if you like, it is possible to lodge in Dubai where the  world’s limited in number 5 stars and architecturally incomparable Dubai hotels are existed for 2500$, 3000$ and even as far as 5000$ if you can afford.

Dubai building

But if your aim is to buy electronic appliance, you do not need to spend so much money for this. The reasons for Dubai’s to be chosen when it comes to the technology are its being close to the Far East and being sold the goods imported from Far East here in a duty-free and tax-free way. That’s why Dubai is the most ideal place to buy mobile phone

Of course you can buy various electronic appliances apart from mobile phone; cameras, laptops… But if you happen to go to Dubai and need mobile phone we advise you to steer for them firstly. Then you can steer for another electronic appliance …

On account of living in Dubai is not that expensive, you have the chance of tasting any countries’ cuisine with very affordable prices…

Dubai has barely public transportation even there is no such a chance. We have two advices:

  • Either you can rent a car with reasonable conditions and access anywhere in Dubai  very easily.
  • You can engage a taxi with very ridiculous prices…  For example, you can wonder around Dubai from one end to another end with just 10-12$ maximum cost…

It means travelling to Dubai is not so expensive as it is thought to be…

What should we watch for when we are in Dubai as a tourist?

The United Arab Emirates are consisted of total of 8 emirates. Of course these have a certain number of way of life, cultivations and traditions according to the each emirate.

Dubai Downtown

Dubai is the modernist emirate among them…  For example; Şaja (another emirate of United Arab Emirates) has more though rules and more secluded…  Even, it is such a secluded emirate that it is forbidden to drink alcohol in the hotels in this emirate.

Abudabi is an emirate located between Şaja and Dubai but the people in Dubai preserve their modern, far-sighted traditions and customs having high living standards  apart from their traditions and customs…

That’s why, as Turkish people when we arrive there, we can have the chance of wearing whatever we like  without having no difficulty. We are not having any difficulty just because we are Turkish because we go to a country whose people are Muslim.

As in the case of other Muslim countries, people are very hospitable against Turkish people, because religious fraternity is in the foreground. As you know Dubai is a shopping paradise, it is one of your aims already to go there.  Bargaining is possible but it should be in reasonable limits. I mean it is not possible to buy a good with a tenth of its price as you do in the Far East. That’s why it is advisable to keep bargaining at reasonable limits.

How to go to Dubai?

You decided to go to Dubai travel, you are very lucky because there is already 3 airlines directly going to Dubai (from Istanbul, from Europe).

Dubai marina

Airway communication; you have the chance of flying  Dubai at the various hours of the day via Dubai’s domestic airline Emirate in the first instance,  and also Turkish Airlines and Singapur Airlines. Flight time is approximately 4,5 hours; it is not a long time.

Do we need a visa to go to Dubai?

Yes, we do. But it is not required detailed visa transactions like Europe, Australia and America.  You  just  xeros specific pages of your passport and give them to your travel agent and airline; and these are sent to Dubai.

Dubai night

These are translated into English in Dubai and then your visa is sent to you as a photocopy.  All you need to do to enter this country is to put this photocopy into your passport. This will make wondering around the country easier for you.

If you planned a Dubai travel, you must know that you should just lead to Dubai. Of course not for the sun and for the sea. Because on account of the life there is planned to be cheap, 4-days as minimum or 5-days as maximum vacation will be an ideal duration for you.

Which months are the most ideal ones to go to Dubai?

If you want to go to Dubai firstly you should bear in mind these;  Do not ever  think of going to Dubai when Europe is experiencing summer. If you want to go there in such hot days that even it is possible to cook egg on the walkways in 50 degree and you feel strong enough to bear such a hot weather, it is not the case of course. The most ideal time to go to Dubai is when it is winter in Europe. 

Dubai Palm Jumeirah

Because it is the time when the desert climate and the hot weather in Dubai is at minimum levels and equivalent with 20-25 degrees. And it is very available for shopping. December, January, February, and march are the most ideal months to go to Dubai. Then the most ideal months to go to there are winter months.

Dubai is always crowded in 12 months of a year if you like or not. Because people infest in Dubai to buy themselves the closest and cheapest electronic appliances. And for this the weather is not the case. On account of  gigantic shopping malls having air-conditioner, it is not the case to be effected by the weather in Dubai. That’s why Dubai is crowded in 12 months of a year.

How is the cuisine of Dubai?

You have not a problem like famishing in Dubai. We can say this easily. Because Dubai has not its own cuisine.

Although Dubai is integrated with arab culture, on account of being one of the United Arab Emirates is very touristic, it will be very easy for you to find world cuisine there.

If you like a cuisine which is very similar to Turkish cuisine, then I advise you to prefer the restaurants in which you can find typical arab foods and also hummus, kebab, durum.

Be sure with this that you will not have starvation problem.

You could find these questions’ answers in this post:

  • What should we watch for when we are in Dubai as a tourist?
  • How to go to Dubai?
  • Do we need a visa to go to Dubai?
  • Which months are the most ideal ones to go to Dubai?

Dubai is generally wants visa from you. So you need to take a visa for Dubai. Dubai travel will be very exciting travel for you, you have to visit there.


Tokyo Travel

How is the access to Tokyo?

There are direct flights of Turkish Airlines, it can be gone with them. There are Osaka and Tokyo flights which depart from Istanbul (Turkey) and Europe. Approximately, it takes 12 hours. Apart from this, you can go connecting via Europe or from the South via Asia.

Tokyo City

Generally, there aren’t many tours for Tokyo or Japan, intermittent albeit some companies do. But generally, people who go, go discrete. Now, there isn’t 90 days or 3 monthly visa application. I mean, everyone who has a passport can go to Japan. But there are a few problems at the door.

Rejection in the way secret visa can be at the door. It is good to consider this too. If you are a student, you go with a student visa; if you go as a tourist, it is needed to indicate your status as a tourist well. It may be needed to have done the hotel reservation. Also, it may be needed to have taken return flight ticket. It may be needed to have some money on you. There are some criterias like these, you must pay attention to these.

What do we pay attention while talking to Japanese?

Japanese are respectful, civilized and educated nation. Accordingly, opposite person behaves you well. It shouldn’t be abused. There is an advantage in being respectful and civilized alike in terms of being mutual respect.

Japan Tokyo

Because Japanese are samurai nation and far easterner, they are a distant society. There is a distance between woman and man, it can be seen as our Anatolian. Hand, arm and body languages aren’t used much. It is impossible to coincide with handshaking and kissing. But they can handshake with a foreigner. There isn’t kissing absolutely.

There are so many foreigners in Japan. They are more accustomed to foreigners relatively to past. They give a common name to all foreigners and they say gaijin. This doesn’t matter he/she is Turkish, American or Westerner. They behave a little more shyly.

Because they come from a different culture and they don’t know English or they know but they can’t speak, Japanese behave more shyly for not to be embarassed.

Is Tokyo an expensive city?

Tokyo is one of the most expensive city of Japan and the world. You can produce For a simple dinner at 2000 yen, 2500 yen. But you can spend 8000-10000 yen in a chaste place and a public house. But in afternoon, it is called lunchtime you can eat one’s fill for 1500-2000 yen easily.

Tokyo picture

If we come to accommodation, Japan is a small country. Because its population is great, hotels are very small and there are hotels which are called gateless. It is mentioned as bier hotel. It is considerably expensive, around 3000 yen but apart from this for example, there are business hotels in Japan. It can be said that these are the cheapest, one-night is around 8000-10000.

But with a touristic purpose, accommodation in hotels that have 4 or 5 stars reaches to 20000-30000 yen Access is very expensive in Japan. Because access is very expensive, going from one place to another is very hard.

For example there are express trains. They are around approximately 15000 yen which costs 150 dollars while going to 700km Osaka from Tokyo. Or, you give a fare about 10000 yen in the shortest range with plane. There are rain passes in Turkey which haven’t been sold yet for one week or two week for cheapening this. It can be provided from them. You can provide all access to a very affordable price with using railway. But if you say that how much i can produce at for a one week journey and you don’t move much, in all ways you spend 2000 dollars.

Which places should be seen absolutely in Tokyo?

If we talk about Tokyo, Tokyo is a very big city having a population of 14-15 million. You don’t find historical places much in Tokyo but it is a place in which few temples in a modern architecture are located. But there are night life or entertaining places; Sinciku, Sibiya, Haraciku areas can be visited.

Tokyo shopping

There is a temple which is called Risecingu. You can go there in Tokyo but ıf it is wanted to visit the temple, you can go to Fuji mountain district which is one hour away from Tokyo where there are very big and beautiful temples. There are places which we call Ise peninsula, they are at a distance of one hour to Tokyo. If it is gone to the temples, these places can be choosed.

But ambulatories in city centre are generally entertainment based places. We can’t say go to this or that place because there are lots of places which are beautiful from each other.

Is Tokyo a secure city?

Generally, it is a city that hasn’t trouble. Tokyo is one of the most secure cities of the world. Although there are small events, these are discrete events. It is hard to say that when you go out be careful about this or that which is like in our country. You can wander around easily in Tokyo or other Japan cities 24 hours.

Japanese are very hospitable because they are Asian or Eastern. It isn’t much touristic place. It isn’t done sea and sand tourism like in our country. ıt remains in the forefront of having an exotic form. Especially Americans visit Japan typically.

Night life is considerably active. Tokyo looks like Istanbul night life. You can find all night long open places. Especially, there are areas in which bars, cafes and restaurants are located that foreigners go. You can find 24 hours open places. It is very amusing.

How is the climate in Tokyo?

Tokyo trains

It can be said that there is a climate similar to Turkey. 4 seasons are experienced. Because it is an island country, its south is very hot, its north is cold. There is moisture in great amount. There is a rainy season which doesn’t exist in our country and it causes too much typhoon.

Sixth and ninth months are rainy seasons. Seventh and eighth months are too hot. You can go to spring and autumn in tenth or eleventh months. For example Tokyo isn’t so cold in winter. You can go normally.

For example, when you go to eastern of Turkey, it is too cold; the same if you go to northern of Japan, air temperature can decrease to -20 and -30 degrees. If you visit Tokyo and Osaka areas, we recommend that you must take clothes which are suitable for both seasons.

We can say that winter of Istanbul and winter of Tokyo is the same; in other words, there is no need to bring heavy clothes.

What foods must be eaten in Tokyo?

In our country (Turkey), how shish kebab or doner is famous, sushi is famous in Japan, too. It can be recommended sushi for sushi fond. For people who say i don’t eat raw fish, it can be eaten vegetable frying, chicken frying, chicken shish. Or, spaghetti varieties are considerably heavy. A meal that suits every enjoyment can be found. There isn’t much difference between Japan meals in Turkey and Japan meals in Japan.

How can i travel Tokyo to Istanbul?

You could use Turkish Airlines for transportation. They fly everyday Tokyo to Istanbul, Turkey. It is so comphortable air lines.

How many hours from Europe to Tokyo?

It takes generally 13-14 hours.

In this article we work can be listed which issues:

    • How is the access to Tokyo?
    • What do we pay attention while talking to Japanese?
    • Is Tokyo an expensive city?
    • Which places should be seen absolutely in Tokyo?
    • Is Tokyo a secure city?
    • How is the climate in Tokyo?
    • What foods must be eaten in Tokyo?
    • How many hours from Europe to Tokyo?

It was a nice review article about Tokyo Travel. It is in a detailed way about everything you can learn from this article.


What is the Way of Getting Schengen Visa?

We want to try answers for this question: “What is the way of getting Schengen Visa?

Which countries is the Schengen Visa necessary to go to?

Schengen visa is the visa which is acceptable among the European countries. These countries are Italy, Spain, Dutch, Germany, Greece, Denmark and Finland. It is that visa which is acceptable among  these countries.

In case of taking a visa of any of these countries, you are counted that you took the visa to all of European countries. Germany, Austria, Belgium, Dutch, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Portugal, Greece, Finland and Iceland (Not include United Kingdom); for these countries, it is needed to take Schengen Visa.

What are necessary documents to take Schengen Visa?

Firstly to take Schengen Visa; hotel, hotel and airplane reservation and also a life assurance are necessary. Beside, for people who will go to work with various institutions, it is required to take work and income documents.

If payroll, authorized signatures list, tax board, certificate of activity, property photocopies, certificates of ownership, vehicle licence, photocopies of these, and two photos are necessary. Background of photo must be white.

Where is the establishment to appeal and to take Schengen Visa?

Schengen Visa

Normally what consulates want is in parallel with  which country you will go, taking the Schengen Visa from this country. But, most of them work by appointment and they give appointment to postdate.

For people who have emergency case, travel agents can accelerate the procedures. Generally, what customs polices want is in parallel with,  which country you took from visa, check in  Europe from that country. But this is concerned with this customs police’s attention.

If the customs police notices, there may be a problem.

But our recommendation to us is in parallel with; which country you will check in, taking the Schengen Visa from that country.

What is the possibility of rejecting our appeal for the Schengen Visa?

If  the passenger’s documents are deficient or consulate doubt fake documents, or if there are people who take sanctuary that country from the same surname; consulate calls the passenger for meeting.

They may reject after the meeting. Or, they may be fined with refusal stamp. This appears totally from deficiency or inadequacy of documents, or as a consequence of condition of people who take sanctuary that country from the same surname.

Can be appealed again to Schengen Visa ?

It can be appealed again or application can be done by means of court. But generally it doesn’t end up with positive way, it is a fixed subject with experience.

The passengers’ acceptance who have a general refusal is hard. If consulate has an excuse about stamping refusal, generally they don’t accept for The Schengen Visa again.

What is the validity of the Schengen Visa?

Transit visa is the visa which is essential in Europe connecting USA flights. If you are needed to stay too long at the airport, transit visa may be needed when flying the USA with Frankfurt connecting.

Getting schengen visa

Apart from this, we take multiple visa which is a multiple entrance Schengen Visa. It is 3 months or half yearly. It changes according to consulates’ send period.

It is processed as a 3 month or half yearly multiple entrance (multiple entrance visa is more better than the others) visa. Also, there are single  visas. It is a visa form that is acceptable for single entrance to that country and not acceptable for other countries. Depending on the non-deficiency of documents, visa is given with the decision of consulate.

If the passengers go from one country to another, they must take multiple visa. Because, it must be multiple entrance. If they go to one country, single entrance may function.

If they go with Europe connecting to USA, then transit visa is necessary. This is easier than the others, because it is only valid at the airport, and less procedures are needed to be than the others. They can do their procedures with transit visa.

In case of taking Schengen Visa, can we travel all Schengen countries easily?

Firstly, from which country the entrance was made, after the entrance to that place, if your visa is multiple entrance, you can enter other countries with that visa. There isn’t any problem.

The most trouble maker country is Germany (in Schengen countries), because there are too many defection there, this country is sensitive about these subjects. Generally, the Schengen Visa which is taken from Germany is accepted in all countries easily.

In  France Schengens, it makes trouble in border. But we generally recommend to our passengers. If you go to Germany, enter the Germany firstly or if you go to France, go to France firstly, then polices don’t make trouble.

The easiest struggle is France, Italy and Spain. They work easier. For example, with the visa which is taken from France you can go to Italy, or the visa taken from Spain, you can go to France.

Border polices don’t make trouble.

After all, our recommendation to our passengers is in that way; which country you will go, take the Schengen Visa from that country and enter from that country again.

How many days does the application for the Schengen Visa end up in?

Generally, Schengen Visa ends up in 3 working days. But some consulates work with appointment.

They can give appointment to post date. In this case, as from appointment date, when the application enters, it comes to conclusion in 3 working days after the entrance.

Italy, Dutch and Spain work with appointment. Their appointment dates change according to their density. It can give appointment approximately after one week- ten days.

But France doesn’t work with appointment in other words, if you appeal tomorrow, your application comes to conclusion in 3 working days. Thereby, the country with which we work easiest is France and  the easiest Schengen Visa giver is France.

The applications for the schengen visa should be done personally?

If it is empty passport and there isn’t Schengen visa in the passenger’s passport before, then of course it is needed to appeal personally.

But if there is a Schengen visa which was taken before, although it is expired, travel agents can renew. Greece only gives visa by means of agent in the first application.

All Schengen countries’ consulates apart from Greece invite to interview personally.

This post is about these things:

  • Validity of the Schengen Visa
  • Applications for the schengen visa
  • Can we travel all Schengen countries easily?
  • Rejecting our appeal for the Schengen Visa

If you want to ask something about this subject (What is the way of getting Schengen Visa?) please ask us…


Journey Offerings

What are cheap holiday’s ways?

Cheap holiday means giving up luxury. Bad Hotel means bad transportation. However those bad conditions we’ve just mentioned like those bad roads, bad hotels, bad conditions later turn to you as good memories that much…

Because you have supplies which in your telling from there for every friends. You can’t have those supplies when you stay at a luxurious hotel.

Cheap holiday offerings

What if this is being as much as cheap he as much as insecure with regret blind he as much as amusing… Also your hotel is what as good as, you don’t give up your hotel which is staying…

Accordingly, with the possibility indisposed hotels satisfies that you disseize yourself.

You can long-arm, in there you trust your good sense and meet the people. Some families intive you their home. If your instinct says that you are in confident, your friendship will furnish… Tent is life saver everytime… So it can be cheap holiday for you. But please be patient to choose your family. 

You can assess the money which will pay the hotel to pitching a tent. Nothing is doing with these methods..

  • Cheap holiday
  • Journey offerings
  • Cheap holiday offerings
  • Cheap holiday ways
  • Is it possible to make holiday for free?