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What are the places that should be necessarily visited in Paris?

Since the book “Da Vinci Code” was published, people are more interested in Paris. Some people follow the places that are mentioned in Da Vinci Code and they determine a route according to themselves.

One of the places that should be visited is Shanzelize Avenue. ( Champs-Élysées in French), it is a wonderful avenue. Even if you don’t make shopping, you can stroll and take a look at the shops on Shanzelize avenue. Also, you should go to Eiffel Tower.

Paris Eiffel Tower

You know Eiffel Tower; it is one of the most beautiful constructions and it has an interesting architecture. It has a wonderful Paris view. Also the people who are interested in art can visit Orsay Museum. They can also visit Louvre Museum. In Louvre Museum, you should certainly see Mona Lisa which is Da Vinci’s  the wonderful work of art. Louvre Museum also has  thousands of works of art. Louvre Museum is one of the important museum of the World. The Noterdam Cathedral is very beautiful too. You can also visit Noterdam Cathedral.

Pompediu Cultural Center is a place where different cultural activities have been arranged. You can have a good time there. You can go to Monmart; it is bohemian part of the city and also Sacred Heart Churc called Sakrekör is one of the most beautiful places of the city. It has a wonderful scene. It is one of the places that should be visited too.

Where can we make shopping in Paris?

Brassarie in Paris
Brassarie in Paris

It is possible to make shopping in Paris in a cheap way. Especially, you can find cheap and sutiable things from the tallymen.

For example; if you are interested in art, there are a lot of peddlers who sell paintings, pictures or small works of art for a cheap price. Also when you go to Monmart, you can see the peddlers sell their paintings for a cheap price.

As you become distant from the city, it is possible to find shops selling cheap things. The prices in the suburbs are cheaper than urban shops and there junk markets that are arranged in stated days.

When you go to junk markets, you can make shopping in a cheaper way.

Is Paris an expensive city?

Paris is an expensive city because it is one of the cities whic tourists visit. About 25 millions of tourists visit the city. Therefore, Paris people called parisians are glitzy. You should have a good budget. You should have at least 1000 euro.

Eiffel Tower

If you want to eat in very beautiful restaurants, do shopping, you should have a big budget. There are not big differences between summer and winter because tourists visit here in every season of the year. When you go to Paris, you should prefer a travel agency.

The prices can be suitable or you can get ticket on the net. Hotel prices are generally high but they are lower in distant from city center.

You should have money for extra tour in Paris. There are a lot of beautiful museums. One of them is Orsay Museum. Also there is RU museum. Also you can have canal tour on Sen river. Also they can be night tours with dinner. It is 95 euro if you prefer diner and tour. There is Disneyland. It is one of the places you can go with your children. This needs some money too. If you like night life, there are places where shows are organized in Paris.

What kind of problems can we face in Paris?

French people are arrogant people, they think that they  are the ones who have the biggest country in the world. Therefore, they only speak their language.

You know French language was the dominant language in the world  19th and early 20th centuries but English language got its dominance later. I had an experience about languages.

Because I can not speak French, a man answered my question in French language however he knew English, I missed London train. I had to wait another train. This generalization is not valid for everybody but unfortunately when we do not know French, we can have language problem even if 25 millions of tourists come here. Apart from this, pickpoketing is common. You have to be careful in crowded places.

How can we go to Paris from Turkey?

It is possible to arrive Paris in approximately 3 – 3.5 hours. There are a lot of connected transportation possibilities. You can travel by Turkish Airlines, Air France.

In summer there are flights from different cities of Turkey. You have to have Schengen visa to go Paris or France. If your first entrance place will be Paris, it is possible to get your visa in French embassy or in embassy in Ankara in Turkey.

Where can we stay in Paris?

If you want to stay in city center, prices are very very high so you can prefer places that are distant from city center. The ones who have small budget can stay here.

There is big underground net. It is very successful. There are a lot of lines and so if you stay in distant from city center, it is possible to arrive everywhere in short time. Therefore I suggest you underground.

When you stay in distant from city center, you can pay the price %50 as half as the price in city center especially about accomodation services because the prices are very different from each other. The hotels in city centers are more popular and everybody wants to go there.

How is the climate in Paris?

In my opinion,  you should go to Paris in spring. Especially in April and early May everywhere is green because Paris is a city which has parks and it is very enjoyable to experience these beauties in Paris. If you want to take your darling and select these months, it will have a big benefit for you relationship.

In summer it is very hot and also it can be very crowded because a lot of tourists come here. Therefore I suggest you spring months. If you come here in winter, it is a very cold city so there are a lot of activities in indoors. You can get frozen if you come here in January or February.

There are these questions’ answers:

  • What are the places that should be necessarily visited in Paris?
  • Where can we make shopping in Paris?
  • Is Paris an expensive city?
  • What kind of problems can we face in Paris?
  • How is the climate in Paris?
  • Where can we stay in Paris?

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