Norwegian Cruise Line

What is the reason for Norwegian Cruise Line popularity?

If you are one of those people who love to travel through cruise, during their vacations, then you must have to check Norwegian Cruise Line. This is one of the most popular cruise line company around the world. There are many reasons for its top “best cruise company” tag.

Norwegian cruise front view
Norwegian cruise front view

First of all when you can visit them online, you will find their website, very exciting as well as informative. You can scroll different pages and you will see videos, pictures, moving fish or catchy phrases. They have devoted pages to describe every ship in their fleet. Other then this you can also have a virtual tour in pictures as well as having a web cam show to show which was shot from cruise ship.

On Norwegian Cruise Line website you will find that they are having the youngest fleet on planet. There are total 13 ships that they have in their fleet and 10 of them are having Norwegian in their name like, Norwegian Star and Norwegian Majesty. The remaining three ships that they have are from “Pride of” series.

Name of these three are;

  1. The Pride of Hawaii,
  2. The Pride of America,
  3. The Pride of Aloha
Norwegian cruise line ship
Norwegian cruise line ship

The good thing about Norwegian Cruise Line fleet is that it provides a lot of class as well as comfort to all those who are travelling and is equally accommodating for passengers of different ages, lifestyle and income.

The Norwegian Cruise Line is offering their cruises to more than 140 ports of call in four continents. They are travelling on routes in Europe, Alaska, Caribbean and South and North America. They are offering cruise packages from short weekend till three weeks.

Another important thing that Norwegian Cruise Line offers to their travelers is that there is no scheduling on their cruises, which they call as “freestyle cruising”. It means that there is no need to watch at clock again and again while having your vacations because you can enjoy your time in whatever way you want to. You are free to eat when you want; there is no fixed timing for that.

If you are one of those who are looking to have luxury cruise then the best option that you have, is to go for Norwegian Cruise Line. When you travel through them they will offer you regular accommodations, penthouse suites, courtyard villas and many more.

Norwegian cruise night view
Norwegian cruise night view

Other than this there are so many other good things about “Norwegian Cruise Line”. They offer you spacious rooms having private balconies and your personal hot bath tub. A butler will be there to help you all day long, in unpacking your suitcases.

You will also get 24 hours room service as well as complimentary champagne and fresh flowers will wait for you. So these are just some of the services that you can get from them, and still there are many more waiting for you, so you just have to take a look at all these before making a final decision.

Good luck!


European River Cruises

Things to Know Before Deciding on European River Cruises

If you are an adventurous person who wanted to have some great holidays, then you must have to take European River Cruises. You will be surprised to know the number of cruises that go on to help your kind of adventurous people because there is a large growth in these cruises as well as the destinations that they cover, they now not only fulfill your demand but exceeding that, so this may also confuse you, to decide and select on which trip you wanted to go, and what to miss. This selection dilemma will become really easy for you if you know some basics about your trip. You must have to priorities your activities and also you have to know about your expectations from this trip.

European luxury river cruising
European luxury river cruising

First and the most important thing that you must have to know about “European River Cruises”, is that how you wanted to have your holiday? There are cruises that go on different routes but almost having the same schedule, the time duration for these cruises are generally the same, so you have to decide on which cruise you wanted to go, depending on the locations that they touch on their way because this can have an impact on your vacations as well as fulfill your requirements.

Moselle river european river cruises
Moselle river, European river cruises

For example if you wanted to see some historical places on your European River Cruises then you have to go for the Elbe, the Rhine or the Danube, because these rivers flow near the cities having storied past, Basel, Amsterdam, Vienna, Munich and these are structured in such a way that they will be sufficiently able to fulfill the requirements of someone who have historic taste.

Other than this if you are looking to have relaxation and spend some quality time with your friends, or family members then you should not worry, because there are so many European River Cruises (maybe that might be the most fantastic cruise travel) that you can choose. They are having different time durations as well as destinations, so you must have choose the destination carefully. If you wanted to have a small trip then you have to choose the cruise accordingly.

European river cruises
European river cruises

The good thing is that you don`t have to visit the offices of these cruise managers to know about the timing as well as other details related to these cruises. You just have to check their websites and there you can find all the details (time, places, price etc.) that you require. So this will help you saving your time as well as your money that you can spend on your trip to make it more memorable. You can also make online reservation for River Cruises in Europe. For this you have to visit the online website and check the timing as well as duration of the trip and make your reservation in whatever cruise you find suitable for yourself.

So what are you waiting for, you must have to travel through European River Cruises, because this will provide you with a whole new experience in life and you get some time to relax as well.


Europe Travel by Interrail

How much money is required for Europe Travel by Interrail?

Inter Rail Train photoThe minimum price of the interrail tickets for 5 days is 159 euro, for  30 days it is is 399 euro. It is possible to buy tickets for 10 or 22 days. These tickets are available only for the people who are under 26 age. For the ones who are above 26, the ticket prices are between 249 and 599 euros. The prices above are train tickets and they have the chance for travelling in an unlimited way in Europe.

Apart from that, one of the questions asked most is how much it costs. If they travel for 20 days or one month, it costs 1000-1500 euros. Interrail tickets consist of acommodation, food and drinks and another private needs. These ones can vary from others but the approximate price is 1000-1500 euros.

When you think about totally, it may seem very expensive but when you think about the number of the countries to get around, it is very economic because transportation especially  train transportation isnt cheap, it is a very expensive price but when you think about the number of the countries to visit it is an economic price.

What does “Interrail” mean?

Europe Interrail Train

Interrail is a train ticket, a pass ticket and it is valid in only European countries. If you buy a ticket at full fare, you can travel where you want in all European countries by using this ticket (Interrail ticket). It is only train ticket and it involves one train.

Apart from that, it doesnt include acommodation, food and drinks and another service because it isnt a package tour.

It is a very easy and flexible ticket for using and provide people to prepare their own programme. You can travel as a group, you can be grouped as teenagers or adults; you can travel in 6-people group but interrail is a ticket that provides individual travel.

Where can we have information about the passengers’ experiences?

The people who traveled by interrail dont forget his trip. When they see a train, they get excited and want to travel by interrail. They write to each other and they have a writing group. They can consult everything they wonder. They have meetings once or twice a year.

The ones who traveled by interrail before  share their experiences with each other. They can ask each other more specific questions such as which hostel is more trusting in Italy or which one of them is more economic or how many t-shirts I need.

How can we get interrail ticket?

It is flexible and easy ticket. It is valid for 12 months. You can determine its time.

Interrail picture

You can get it whenever you want. You can get interrail ticket before maximum 3 months, you cant get it before 4 months. You can get it the last da yor the same day but generally we suggest you to get it before one month because you have to show your visa fort his. Passport number is enough to get it. They prepare your  ticket and give it to you immediately.

You can get your interrail ticket in Sirkeci Railway Terminus, their price is same. You can get it in 15-20 minutes if you determine the time you will use and bring your passport number. The shortest and easiest part is to get interrail ticket and the longest part is getting visa.

What kind of advantages does travel by interrail in Europe?

You decide where to go and when to go. Especially it is desirable for teenagers. When you get the ticket, nobody says to you that you will stay here or you will do that.

So the interrail users prefer youth hostels. Youth hostel are popular in Europe, in fact there are youth hostels in Turkey but it isnt very popular pr they arent known a lot. The conditions are like dormitories, you can stay in 6-people rooms or individual ones.

It depends on the person. You can stay in individual room or a room  for 2 people but when you stay in a room for 6 days, it is more economic than hotel prices because hotel prices are very expensive in Europe. You hire a bed, If you ask if  whether these hostels are trusting or not, yes they are trusting because they are popular. There are lucked safes where you can save your private things or jewelleries. You can entertain a lot when you pay attention some points.

What are differences between interrail “global pass” and “country pass” ?

Interrail includes all European countries. Morocco was in this list untill 1th of April in 2007 but there had been some differences in interrail system and Morocco is no longer in the list. Interrail tickets include England, Germany, France, Balkan states, Bulgaria, Rome, Switzerland, Portugese, Italy and Greece. (Not include Turkey)

Until 1th of April in 2007, there was zone system, there were eight fixed zones. While getting visa, you used to select one zone. You could get global one but by paying little you could select one zone.

Since 1th of April, zone system has been unavailable. You can get global ticket by selecting the day. You can take ticket for 5 days or 30 days. You can travel where you want when you get ticket for 5 days.

Which trains accept interrail?

Interraik include 2.class trains but the interrail users who are above 26 or under 26 pay extra over and can use first class trains. Apart from this, it possible to select high-speed trains or select wagon Inter rail travel europe photolit. These extra overts are calculated by finding the difference between the normal price and the other price, so they don’t pay the full fare. So they are economic. Interrail train in Europe is very popular.

Unfortunately, train transportation in Turkey isn’t first class but in Europe it is generally first class. There are always fast and more comfortable or more alternatives than fast and more comfortable buses. So when the interrail users get ticket, they dont have difficulty in getting seat because their alternatives are a lot. They generally use second class trains and the conditions of the second class trains are nearly same as the first class trains.

Trains are generally includes quad or sestet wagons. We suggest you to get wagon lit if you have a long travel. Then you can have a more trusting and more comfortable travel. The trains can be crowded according to the intensity of the season or they can be calm but trains are generally trusting.

You have to take some precautions. If you live in Turkey, you can’t use interrail in Turkey. You can use it on board. If you are a tourist who got this ticket on board – for example you got your ticket in Germany – , you can use it in Turkey.

Which countries does “global pass ticket” include?

It is valid for every country. You can get your ticket in 4 ways. You don’t select zone but day. You can get your ticket for 10 days, 22 days and 30 days. It is possible to use these tickets in all of European countries. For example, the ones got ticket for two zones such as G and E.

They used to get on the train in Sirkeci, They went to Greece from Sirkeci then from Patras Harbour they went to Italy by ferry and these ferries were free for interrail users. They could go which zone they wanted from Italy or If they wanted, they travel in Up North zones. They could travel everywhere according to time of their ticket such as for 22 days or 5 days and 10 days. They could go to England by using flight ticket.

Information about “interrail one country ticket”

Since 1th of April in 2007, one country interrail tcket was started to be used. These tickets are grouped according to the country’s place and popularity but the prices are different. The people who want to travel only one country select a country and they can travel the country for 3 days, 4 days, 6 days and 8 days in a month. Global pass and an done country passa re completely different.

As I say, you can select only one country. For example; you will go to France and you have a programme in France and you have 3 days but in these 3 days you want to go to France. Then you can use one country pass.

  • How much money is required for Europe travel by interrail?
  • Where can we have information about the passengers’ experiences?
  • How can we get interrail ticket?
  • What kind of advantages does travel by Interrail in Europe?
  • What are differences between interrail “global pass” and “country pass”?
  • Which trains accept interrail?
  • Which countries does “global pass ticket” include?
  • Information about “interrail one country ticket”

Paris Travel

What are the places that should be necessarily visited in Paris?

Since the book “Da Vinci Code” was published, people are more interested in Paris. Some people follow the places that are mentioned in Da Vinci Code and they determine a route according to themselves.

One of the places that should be visited is Shanzelize Avenue. ( Champs-Élysées in French), it is a wonderful avenue. Even if you don’t make shopping, you can stroll and take a look at the shops on Shanzelize avenue. Also, you should go to Eiffel Tower.

Paris Eiffel Tower

You know Eiffel Tower; it is one of the most beautiful constructions and it has an interesting architecture. It has a wonderful Paris view. Also the people who are interested in art can visit Orsay Museum. They can also visit Louvre Museum. In Louvre Museum, you should certainly see Mona Lisa which is Da Vinci’s  the wonderful work of art. Louvre Museum also has  thousands of works of art. Louvre Museum is one of the important museum of the World. The Noterdam Cathedral is very beautiful too. You can also visit Noterdam Cathedral.

Pompediu Cultural Center is a place where different cultural activities have been arranged. You can have a good time there. You can go to Monmart; it is bohemian part of the city and also Sacred Heart Churc called Sakrekör is one of the most beautiful places of the city. It has a wonderful scene. It is one of the places that should be visited too.

Where can we make shopping in Paris?

Brassarie in Paris
Brassarie in Paris

It is possible to make shopping in Paris in a cheap way. Especially, you can find cheap and sutiable things from the tallymen.

For example; if you are interested in art, there are a lot of peddlers who sell paintings, pictures or small works of art for a cheap price. Also when you go to Monmart, you can see the peddlers sell their paintings for a cheap price.

As you become distant from the city, it is possible to find shops selling cheap things. The prices in the suburbs are cheaper than urban shops and there junk markets that are arranged in stated days.

When you go to junk markets, you can make shopping in a cheaper way.

Is Paris an expensive city?

Paris is an expensive city because it is one of the cities whic tourists visit. About 25 millions of tourists visit the city. Therefore, Paris people called parisians are glitzy. You should have a good budget. You should have at least 1000 euro.

Eiffel Tower

If you want to eat in very beautiful restaurants, do shopping, you should have a big budget. There are not big differences between summer and winter because tourists visit here in every season of the year. When you go to Paris, you should prefer a travel agency.

The prices can be suitable or you can get ticket on the net. Hotel prices are generally high but they are lower in distant from city center.

You should have money for extra tour in Paris. There are a lot of beautiful museums. One of them is Orsay Museum. Also there is RU museum. Also you can have canal tour on Sen river. Also they can be night tours with dinner. It is 95 euro if you prefer diner and tour. There is Disneyland. It is one of the places you can go with your children. This needs some money too. If you like night life, there are places where shows are organized in Paris.

What kind of problems can we face in Paris?

French people are arrogant people, they think that they  are the ones who have the biggest country in the world. Therefore, they only speak their language.

You know French language was the dominant language in the world  19th and early 20th centuries but English language got its dominance later. I had an experience about languages.

Because I can not speak French, a man answered my question in French language however he knew English, I missed London train. I had to wait another train. This generalization is not valid for everybody but unfortunately when we do not know French, we can have language problem even if 25 millions of tourists come here. Apart from this, pickpoketing is common. You have to be careful in crowded places.

How can we go to Paris from Turkey?

It is possible to arrive Paris in approximately 3 – 3.5 hours. There are a lot of connected transportation possibilities. You can travel by Turkish Airlines, Air France.

In summer there are flights from different cities of Turkey. You have to have Schengen visa to go Paris or France. If your first entrance place will be Paris, it is possible to get your visa in French embassy or in embassy in Ankara in Turkey.

Where can we stay in Paris?

If you want to stay in city center, prices are very very high so you can prefer places that are distant from city center. The ones who have small budget can stay here.

There is big underground net. It is very successful. There are a lot of lines and so if you stay in distant from city center, it is possible to arrive everywhere in short time. Therefore I suggest you underground.

When you stay in distant from city center, you can pay the price %50 as half as the price in city center especially about accomodation services because the prices are very different from each other. The hotels in city centers are more popular and everybody wants to go there.

How is the climate in Paris?

In my opinion,  you should go to Paris in spring. Especially in April and early May everywhere is green because Paris is a city which has parks and it is very enjoyable to experience these beauties in Paris. If you want to take your darling and select these months, it will have a big benefit for you relationship.

In summer it is very hot and also it can be very crowded because a lot of tourists come here. Therefore I suggest you spring months. If you come here in winter, it is a very cold city so there are a lot of activities in indoors. You can get frozen if you come here in January or February.

There are these questions’ answers:

  • What are the places that should be necessarily visited in Paris?
  • Where can we make shopping in Paris?
  • Is Paris an expensive city?
  • What kind of problems can we face in Paris?
  • How is the climate in Paris?
  • Where can we stay in Paris?

What is the Way of Getting Schengen Visa?

We want to try answers for this question: “What is the way of getting Schengen Visa?

Which countries is the Schengen Visa necessary to go to?

Schengen visa is the visa which is acceptable among the European countries. These countries are Italy, Spain, Dutch, Germany, Greece, Denmark and Finland. It is that visa which is acceptable among  these countries.

In case of taking a visa of any of these countries, you are counted that you took the visa to all of European countries. Germany, Austria, Belgium, Dutch, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Portugal, Greece, Finland and Iceland (Not include United Kingdom); for these countries, it is needed to take Schengen Visa.

What are necessary documents to take Schengen Visa?

Firstly to take Schengen Visa; hotel, hotel and airplane reservation and also a life assurance are necessary. Beside, for people who will go to work with various institutions, it is required to take work and income documents.

If payroll, authorized signatures list, tax board, certificate of activity, property photocopies, certificates of ownership, vehicle licence, photocopies of these, and two photos are necessary. Background of photo must be white.

Where is the establishment to appeal and to take Schengen Visa?

Schengen Visa

Normally what consulates want is in parallel with  which country you will go, taking the Schengen Visa from this country. But, most of them work by appointment and they give appointment to postdate.

For people who have emergency case, travel agents can accelerate the procedures. Generally, what customs polices want is in parallel with,  which country you took from visa, check in  Europe from that country. But this is concerned with this customs police’s attention.

If the customs police notices, there may be a problem.

But our recommendation to us is in parallel with; which country you will check in, taking the Schengen Visa from that country.

What is the possibility of rejecting our appeal for the Schengen Visa?

If  the passenger’s documents are deficient or consulate doubt fake documents, or if there are people who take sanctuary that country from the same surname; consulate calls the passenger for meeting.

They may reject after the meeting. Or, they may be fined with refusal stamp. This appears totally from deficiency or inadequacy of documents, or as a consequence of condition of people who take sanctuary that country from the same surname.

Can be appealed again to Schengen Visa ?

It can be appealed again or application can be done by means of court. But generally it doesn’t end up with positive way, it is a fixed subject with experience.

The passengers’ acceptance who have a general refusal is hard. If consulate has an excuse about stamping refusal, generally they don’t accept for The Schengen Visa again.

What is the validity of the Schengen Visa?

Transit visa is the visa which is essential in Europe connecting USA flights. If you are needed to stay too long at the airport, transit visa may be needed when flying the USA with Frankfurt connecting.

Getting schengen visa

Apart from this, we take multiple visa which is a multiple entrance Schengen Visa. It is 3 months or half yearly. It changes according to consulates’ send period.

It is processed as a 3 month or half yearly multiple entrance (multiple entrance visa is more better than the others) visa. Also, there are single  visas. It is a visa form that is acceptable for single entrance to that country and not acceptable for other countries. Depending on the non-deficiency of documents, visa is given with the decision of consulate.

If the passengers go from one country to another, they must take multiple visa. Because, it must be multiple entrance. If they go to one country, single entrance may function.

If they go with Europe connecting to USA, then transit visa is necessary. This is easier than the others, because it is only valid at the airport, and less procedures are needed to be than the others. They can do their procedures with transit visa.

In case of taking Schengen Visa, can we travel all Schengen countries easily?

Firstly, from which country the entrance was made, after the entrance to that place, if your visa is multiple entrance, you can enter other countries with that visa. There isn’t any problem.

The most trouble maker country is Germany (in Schengen countries), because there are too many defection there, this country is sensitive about these subjects. Generally, the Schengen Visa which is taken from Germany is accepted in all countries easily.

In  France Schengens, it makes trouble in border. But we generally recommend to our passengers. If you go to Germany, enter the Germany firstly or if you go to France, go to France firstly, then polices don’t make trouble.

The easiest struggle is France, Italy and Spain. They work easier. For example, with the visa which is taken from France you can go to Italy, or the visa taken from Spain, you can go to France.

Border polices don’t make trouble.

After all, our recommendation to our passengers is in that way; which country you will go, take the Schengen Visa from that country and enter from that country again.

How many days does the application for the Schengen Visa end up in?

Generally, Schengen Visa ends up in 3 working days. But some consulates work with appointment.

They can give appointment to post date. In this case, as from appointment date, when the application enters, it comes to conclusion in 3 working days after the entrance.

Italy, Dutch and Spain work with appointment. Their appointment dates change according to their density. It can give appointment approximately after one week- ten days.

But France doesn’t work with appointment in other words, if you appeal tomorrow, your application comes to conclusion in 3 working days. Thereby, the country with which we work easiest is France and  the easiest Schengen Visa giver is France.

The applications for the schengen visa should be done personally?

If it is empty passport and there isn’t Schengen visa in the passenger’s passport before, then of course it is needed to appeal personally.

But if there is a Schengen visa which was taken before, although it is expired, travel agents can renew. Greece only gives visa by means of agent in the first application.

All Schengen countries’ consulates apart from Greece invite to interview personally.

This post is about these things:

  • Validity of the Schengen Visa
  • Applications for the schengen visa
  • Can we travel all Schengen countries easily?
  • Rejecting our appeal for the Schengen Visa

If you want to ask something about this subject (What is the way of getting Schengen Visa?) please ask us…