New Zealand Travel

What are the impressive features of New Zealand?

New zealand north island photoThere are a lot of things that impressed me in New Zealand. The first one is visa. You have to struggle for getting visa. One of the countries that hardly gives visa is New Zealand. You  have to fill in forms consisting of approximately 20 pages.

After arriving in there, you will understand that it is a beautiful country. It is preserved and it dıdnt have any differences till now. I was impressed by its nature,ıt has an unbelievable nature. It is a gren country and there aren’t any wild animals there. There are no wolves and no foxes, bears, snakes that may kill sheep. There is only an insect breed. There is a bird breed called “kiwi”. In all big cities there are botanical gardens, you can see every kind of gren colors. Also you can understand how slow the life goes on here. You will feel as if you were in a different world. You will live away from the chaos of the life.

Also my sleeping order was affected in a bad way. There is 11-hour time difference and after 24-hour travel, you are complicated. You experience jetlag and you come to yourself in a few days.

What are the places that must be seen in New Zealand?

When you come to New Zealand, you will discover very beautiful cities. You can start with Okland. Okland is the biggest city of New Zealand like Istanbul. Apart from this, one of the places you should see is Sea Lions photo South Island New Zealand photoRotorova. You will see interesting points of Maori culture there. Also there are gaysers in Rotorova. It resembles Pamukkale. When w ego down of the city, there is Napiyer. The feature of Napiyer is that The sun firstly rises in Napiyer and  as it was rebuilty after 1931 earthquake, it is known as the capital of deko architect and there are very beautiful art deko buildings. Also Napiyer is known as one of the production line of New Zealand wine.

New Zealand is a country being formed of two islands – North Island and South Island. There is Wellington in the point where two islands gathered. Wellington is capital city of New Zealand. It is a very beautiful city, it is one of the cities that should be seen. One of the places that should be seen in South Island is Christ Chirch.

It is accepted as the most English city except England. If you g oto Dunedin, you will see a very beautiful nature and New Zealand is a very gren country. One of the cities where you can see this greenness is Dunedin. If you are interested in sports you can see Quins Mountain. If you select nature as the privileged option, you can visit the fiyorks in New Zealand because they are the most beautiful fiyorks exist in New Zealand.

How can we go to New Zealand?

You can only go to New Zealand by plane. It is the most distant country from Turkey. You have to use connecting flight. One of them ıs Dubai-Singapore line.

For example, when you fly by air lines, first of all use 4-hour flight to Dubai,then 7-hour Singapore. Then you will fly to Okland or you can fly Okland on Dubai by Amiarates Air Lines. Flight hours will exceed 25 hours.

If you g oto New Zealand on Australia, you can fly Okland,You can fly from Sydney to Okland by 3-hour flight. If you go by ship, it means this will be 2-day travel.

How can we make shopping in New Zealand?

You can find very beautiful souveniours in New Zealand, especially there are a lot of interesting souveniours in the shops of the museums. One of them is the shopping center of Maori Cultural Center in Rotaroa. For example, there are very beautiful souvenıours made of blue mussels. Also you can find nice work arts made of different materials.

As there are a lot of bovine  and ovine animals, you can find Works made of leather. For example, you can buy slippers made of leather. There are waist coats, jackets made of leather and also bags shaped of sheep and made of leather for children.

How is the climate in New Zealand?

New Zealand is in South hemisphere of the world so we live winter when it is summer in New Zealand. Therefore you can face a very good climate if you go there in December, January, February. New Zealand is a windy country.

Also New Zealand isn’t very hot as it is closer to South hemisphere of the world than Australia. For example, if you go there in December, it is summer time for New Zealand. Temperature will be approximately 20 degree. Therefore you need to bring coat, jumper you will need them especially at nights. When you go there in summer, everwhere will be green because New Zealand if one of the most green countries of the world. The nice one is that you go to a country where it is lived summer while you live winter in your country.

What can we eat in New Zealand?

New Zealand is an Island country and it is surrounded by water and you should taste sea food. There are ocean fish. Sea food such as lobsters, prawns especially mussels is wonderful in New Zealand. Apart from this, New Zealand is one of the countries which export the most amount of meat. In nearly all of the restaurants New Zealand meat is sold. Also there is a famous food called Wellington Beaf. If you like mutton, mutton is very delicious here as there a lot of sheep here. If you go to Okland, you can see Doner restaurants. There are Turkish restaurants.

You should remember one thing. Night life doesnt exceed late time. You can have a nıce night life in Okland and Wellington but other places are more comfortable and when you go to restaurants, you shouldn’t be late because they eat in early hours. Also service is very slow. New Zealand people are the ones who enjoy their lives to the full so you shouldn’t expect a fast service.

Paris Travel

What are the places that should be necessarily visited in Paris?

Since the book “Da Vinci Code” was published, people are more interested in Paris. Some people follow the places that are mentioned in Da Vinci Code and they determine a route according to themselves.

One of the places that should be visited is Shanzelize Avenue. ( Champs-Élysées in French), it is a wonderful avenue. Even if you don’t make shopping, you can stroll and take a look at the shops on Shanzelize avenue. Also, you should go to Eiffel Tower.

Paris Eiffel Tower

You know Eiffel Tower; it is one of the most beautiful constructions and it has an interesting architecture. It has a wonderful Paris view. Also the people who are interested in art can visit Orsay Museum. They can also visit Louvre Museum. In Louvre Museum, you should certainly see Mona Lisa which is Da Vinci’s  the wonderful work of art. Louvre Museum also has  thousands of works of art. Louvre Museum is one of the important museum of the World. The Noterdam Cathedral is very beautiful too. You can also visit Noterdam Cathedral.

Pompediu Cultural Center is a place where different cultural activities have been arranged. You can have a good time there. You can go to Monmart; it is bohemian part of the city and also Sacred Heart Churc called Sakrekör is one of the most beautiful places of the city. It has a wonderful scene. It is one of the places that should be visited too.

Where can we make shopping in Paris?

Brassarie in Paris
Brassarie in Paris

It is possible to make shopping in Paris in a cheap way. Especially, you can find cheap and sutiable things from the tallymen.

For example; if you are interested in art, there are a lot of peddlers who sell paintings, pictures or small works of art for a cheap price. Also when you go to Monmart, you can see the peddlers sell their paintings for a cheap price.

As you become distant from the city, it is possible to find shops selling cheap things. The prices in the suburbs are cheaper than urban shops and there junk markets that are arranged in stated days.

When you go to junk markets, you can make shopping in a cheaper way.

Is Paris an expensive city?

Paris is an expensive city because it is one of the cities whic tourists visit. About 25 millions of tourists visit the city. Therefore, Paris people called parisians are glitzy. You should have a good budget. You should have at least 1000 euro.

Eiffel Tower

If you want to eat in very beautiful restaurants, do shopping, you should have a big budget. There are not big differences between summer and winter because tourists visit here in every season of the year. When you go to Paris, you should prefer a travel agency.

The prices can be suitable or you can get ticket on the net. Hotel prices are generally high but they are lower in distant from city center.

You should have money for extra tour in Paris. There are a lot of beautiful museums. One of them is Orsay Museum. Also there is RU museum. Also you can have canal tour on Sen river. Also they can be night tours with dinner. It is 95 euro if you prefer diner and tour. There is Disneyland. It is one of the places you can go with your children. This needs some money too. If you like night life, there are places where shows are organized in Paris.

What kind of problems can we face in Paris?

French people are arrogant people, they think that they  are the ones who have the biggest country in the world. Therefore, they only speak their language.

You know French language was the dominant language in the world  19th and early 20th centuries but English language got its dominance later. I had an experience about languages.

Because I can not speak French, a man answered my question in French language however he knew English, I missed London train. I had to wait another train. This generalization is not valid for everybody but unfortunately when we do not know French, we can have language problem even if 25 millions of tourists come here. Apart from this, pickpoketing is common. You have to be careful in crowded places.

How can we go to Paris from Turkey?

It is possible to arrive Paris in approximately 3 – 3.5 hours. There are a lot of connected transportation possibilities. You can travel by Turkish Airlines, Air France.

In summer there are flights from different cities of Turkey. You have to have Schengen visa to go Paris or France. If your first entrance place will be Paris, it is possible to get your visa in French embassy or in embassy in Ankara in Turkey.

Where can we stay in Paris?

If you want to stay in city center, prices are very very high so you can prefer places that are distant from city center. The ones who have small budget can stay here.

There is big underground net. It is very successful. There are a lot of lines and so if you stay in distant from city center, it is possible to arrive everywhere in short time. Therefore I suggest you underground.

When you stay in distant from city center, you can pay the price %50 as half as the price in city center especially about accomodation services because the prices are very different from each other. The hotels in city centers are more popular and everybody wants to go there.

How is the climate in Paris?

In my opinion,  you should go to Paris in spring. Especially in April and early May everywhere is green because Paris is a city which has parks and it is very enjoyable to experience these beauties in Paris. If you want to take your darling and select these months, it will have a big benefit for you relationship.

In summer it is very hot and also it can be very crowded because a lot of tourists come here. Therefore I suggest you spring months. If you come here in winter, it is a very cold city so there are a lot of activities in indoors. You can get frozen if you come here in January or February.

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  • How is the climate in Paris?
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Dubai Travel

Does having a holiday require high budget as it is thought?

You planned a vacation to Dubai and wanted its budget to be very high, then Dubai travel for 299$ including aeroplane expenses is not impossible…

But if you like, it is possible to lodge in Dubai where the  world’s limited in number 5 stars and architecturally incomparable Dubai hotels are existed for 2500$, 3000$ and even as far as 5000$ if you can afford.

Dubai building

But if your aim is to buy electronic appliance, you do not need to spend so much money for this. The reasons for Dubai’s to be chosen when it comes to the technology are its being close to the Far East and being sold the goods imported from Far East here in a duty-free and tax-free way. That’s why Dubai is the most ideal place to buy mobile phone

Of course you can buy various electronic appliances apart from mobile phone; cameras, laptops… But if you happen to go to Dubai and need mobile phone we advise you to steer for them firstly. Then you can steer for another electronic appliance …

On account of living in Dubai is not that expensive, you have the chance of tasting any countries’ cuisine with very affordable prices…

Dubai has barely public transportation even there is no such a chance. We have two advices:

  • Either you can rent a car with reasonable conditions and access anywhere in Dubai  very easily.
  • You can engage a taxi with very ridiculous prices…  For example, you can wonder around Dubai from one end to another end with just 10-12$ maximum cost…

It means travelling to Dubai is not so expensive as it is thought to be…

What should we watch for when we are in Dubai as a tourist?

The United Arab Emirates are consisted of total of 8 emirates. Of course these have a certain number of way of life, cultivations and traditions according to the each emirate.

Dubai Downtown

Dubai is the modernist emirate among them…  For example; Şaja (another emirate of United Arab Emirates) has more though rules and more secluded…  Even, it is such a secluded emirate that it is forbidden to drink alcohol in the hotels in this emirate.

Abudabi is an emirate located between Şaja and Dubai but the people in Dubai preserve their modern, far-sighted traditions and customs having high living standards  apart from their traditions and customs…

That’s why, as Turkish people when we arrive there, we can have the chance of wearing whatever we like  without having no difficulty. We are not having any difficulty just because we are Turkish because we go to a country whose people are Muslim.

As in the case of other Muslim countries, people are very hospitable against Turkish people, because religious fraternity is in the foreground. As you know Dubai is a shopping paradise, it is one of your aims already to go there.  Bargaining is possible but it should be in reasonable limits. I mean it is not possible to buy a good with a tenth of its price as you do in the Far East. That’s why it is advisable to keep bargaining at reasonable limits.

How to go to Dubai?

You decided to go to Dubai travel, you are very lucky because there is already 3 airlines directly going to Dubai (from Istanbul, from Europe).

Dubai marina

Airway communication; you have the chance of flying  Dubai at the various hours of the day via Dubai’s domestic airline Emirate in the first instance,  and also Turkish Airlines and Singapur Airlines. Flight time is approximately 4,5 hours; it is not a long time.

Do we need a visa to go to Dubai?

Yes, we do. But it is not required detailed visa transactions like Europe, Australia and America.  You  just  xeros specific pages of your passport and give them to your travel agent and airline; and these are sent to Dubai.

Dubai night

These are translated into English in Dubai and then your visa is sent to you as a photocopy.  All you need to do to enter this country is to put this photocopy into your passport. This will make wondering around the country easier for you.

If you planned a Dubai travel, you must know that you should just lead to Dubai. Of course not for the sun and for the sea. Because on account of the life there is planned to be cheap, 4-days as minimum or 5-days as maximum vacation will be an ideal duration for you.

Which months are the most ideal ones to go to Dubai?

If you want to go to Dubai firstly you should bear in mind these;  Do not ever  think of going to Dubai when Europe is experiencing summer. If you want to go there in such hot days that even it is possible to cook egg on the walkways in 50 degree and you feel strong enough to bear such a hot weather, it is not the case of course. The most ideal time to go to Dubai is when it is winter in Europe. 

Dubai Palm Jumeirah

Because it is the time when the desert climate and the hot weather in Dubai is at minimum levels and equivalent with 20-25 degrees. And it is very available for shopping. December, January, February, and march are the most ideal months to go to Dubai. Then the most ideal months to go to there are winter months.

Dubai is always crowded in 12 months of a year if you like or not. Because people infest in Dubai to buy themselves the closest and cheapest electronic appliances. And for this the weather is not the case. On account of  gigantic shopping malls having air-conditioner, it is not the case to be effected by the weather in Dubai. That’s why Dubai is crowded in 12 months of a year.

How is the cuisine of Dubai?

You have not a problem like famishing in Dubai. We can say this easily. Because Dubai has not its own cuisine.

Although Dubai is integrated with arab culture, on account of being one of the United Arab Emirates is very touristic, it will be very easy for you to find world cuisine there.

If you like a cuisine which is very similar to Turkish cuisine, then I advise you to prefer the restaurants in which you can find typical arab foods and also hummus, kebab, durum.

Be sure with this that you will not have starvation problem.

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Dubai is generally wants visa from you. So you need to take a visa for Dubai. Dubai travel will be very exciting travel for you, you have to visit there.