Iran Travel

What kind of city is Iran?

The person who will go to Iran should know that the more than half of the country is desert. This geographical structure leaves its mark on the culture, structure, architecture and history. In that vicinity, a culture was born and stil exists.

The people can guess that it will be very hot when they go there in summer. You can go there easily as it is our neighbour. You do not need visa but passport. The people who know English are a lot. In the past, they were interested in American culture. Iran travel photo

Now, they are opposed to America. Because the important part of Iran people live in America, there is a relation between each other even if there are not flights to America. 35 % of Iran consist of Turkish people. So Turkish is spoken. Important of that is Azerbaijani people.

Another part consists of Turkmen people who came here in Otoman time and wait for us in Oguz Clan which is important part of the country in Eastern Anatolia mountains.

Is Iran an expensive country?

It is one of the cheapest countries. I can put it top of the list. Its hotels are cheap too. In other words, you can stay in 4-star hotel in Teheran for 20 or 25 Liras. Taxi prices are cheap too. You can hire a car and get around Iran. The food is cheap but there are not a lot of kinds. With the budget you manage your life, you can live three times richer than in Turkey.

If you get around the country by a guide, this may be expensive. You may not need because you do not have language problem. You can get around there with the information about Iran you got from books or magazines. As we go there in a Professional way, we use guide. When you go there normally, you may not need a guide.

You can find people who speak Turkish wherever you go. English or another language is not  compulsory. Therefore, Iran is a cheap country.

Is Iran a secure country?

You should not think Iran like the other ones, there is shariah. Therefore it is a place where they cut the one of the people who stole something and behead them. You have to wear  head scarf even if you are foreign.

Iran map photoI do not know in detailed but you have to think that the things you do in your own country normally can not be normal in Iran.

The rules are valid in every part of country. People can do what they want in their house. Drinking alcholic drinks is a guilt. We can not say that there is no pickpocketing but a little. You have to pay attention the other things.

The cities are homogenous and modern for both men and women. They are more modern than Istanbul.

How can we go to Iran?

You can go there by train, bus, ship or plane. We do not suggest you to go by car certainly. Traffic rules in Iran are very bad and the people do not obey the rules. There is no lane understanding. You can hire a car but going there by taxi is cheaper because the oil is very cheap.

You can get around all of the country by car in a cheap way. Because of punishments of the pickpocketing or another crimes, it is a secure place.

What kind of clothes should we wear ?

If you go there in summer, you can not get around there in shorts or a very short skirts. The women can wear mini-skirt on your trousers. I suppose that they can not wear short sleeved T-shirts. In the past they could show their wrist but now it is forbidden.

The political power can be sometimes hardened. They may not accept men to have hair gelled hair and very artistical face.  The one who goes to Iran will see that the only foreign is him. The women have to wear head scarf.

What kind of problems may we face in Iran?

In fact, you can get around the country in an anxious way. There are some rules, for example you can not take a photo comfortably. There are people who wear chadors and you have not to offend them. There may happen problem but it may be. Our guide was anxious.

If he whad been  relax, we could have worked in a more comfortable way. There are not a lot of entertaintmet programmes, Iran is like coronach country or it is a country as if it was mourning. You can feel Karbala feeling there.

When you open a Turkish channel and see everybody dancing, you see that there is a county entertaining a lot. The Iranian people come to Turkey and make shopping. They have close relations with Turkey. They are not unfamiliar to Turkish people as the important part of Iran consists of Turkish people.

Which cities should we see in Iran?

Mazenderan area in Khazar shore is one of the places you should know. You can also use domestical lines in Iran. The flights are very cheap. You experince such these things in a very expensive way. Its hotels and food are very cheap so you can plan getting around everywhere of Iran with a small budget. If you use highway, you can start with Tebriz then to Tehran. Tehran photo

There are some places between Teheran and Tebriz. There is certainly a historical value there. In eastern way, you can follow silk road and then arrive South desert. You can go Yezid and return again. They can take a flight and come to Kermensah.

In fact, for a person who works can get around one part of Iran as he can not have a long holiday time. If he is a student and is there for summer holiday, he can get around all of Iran.

Where can we stay in Iran ?

It is an introvert country – in other words they see us as bogeyman – but they do not do anything to people, do not eat them and they do not have negative approaches.

They love Turkish people, treat in a friendly way. We do not know them but they know all the famous Turkish singers, actors of Turkey.

As it has not got a tourism section, there are mostly hotels and Iranian people stay there too.

Work and Travel

How much Money does Work and Travel programme cost?

Work and Travel programme cost is about between 2500-2800 dollars. What is the difference between these prices? The registering price taken from foundation varies. There are foundations costing 900 or 1200 dollars. Also the fix expenses are 15 Turkish Liras now.

The allowance is important. Plane ticket is 850 dollars. For passport you pay 150 dollars. You can get your visa by paying 116 dollars to American Embassy. Also you have to have at least 500 dollars as allowance. Also the foundation wants registering payment.

What kind of jobs can not we do by Work and Travel in America?

The students who go to America by Work and Travel can not work in these branches: First of all, education and health section. They can not work in children summer camps. They can not work as an oper by looking after the babies or children. They can not work in illegal places.

For example; one of the students who went to America by Work and Travel was not allowed to work in a shop that sells alcholic drinks. They can not work in such these shops.

If we talk about the reasons, the American may not want to maket he different nationality people work in their education and health section because the conditions of this programme is determined by the American government.

Who can join Work and Travel programme?

The ones who are 18 and above it and go to unversity can join this progamme. They have to know English as much as they can use daily speaking. Also American government wants the successful students to come to America. So they require grade point average. The students have to have grade point average as at least 2.

What kind of visa can people get while going to America?

The visa type applied on Work and Travel is the visiter visa which includes working permission. To get this visa, the one has to have Work and Travel conditions. They have to be student, know English intermediate level English and have to above 18 and the limit is 30 age but the embassy examines the people who are above 25 in detailed.

If there are some blanks about what you did in your past, they examine this. They made an interview especially about school information. They want everybody to bring their transcripts. They want you to have average grade point at least 2. If it is not 2, they can not get visa. If so, they can get visa in a comfortable way.

In what kind of jobs can the student do when he goes to America?

The employers see the students coming there by Work and Travel as unqualified people. For example, it is not possible to work in education and health section and summer children camps or as a oper. Apart from this, they can work everywhere. They can work in cafeterias, shopping centers, fastfood restaurants and also they can work in holiday centers.

First of all we suggest our students to find job on their own. The student who found a contact about finding a job can join this programme and wants contact about visa operations. After finishing visa operations, he can g oto America and can find job.

What is Work and Travel USA?

It is an Exchange programme providing university students work in seasonal work in USA in summer. American government determines that this is a cultural Exchange programme.

In fact, Work & Travel is supported by the other countries to work in seasonal busy working days and with this progamme the student does not have to work but the student got j1 visa and he has to show that he works in a shop or another place. The students join this programme to earn allowance.

Who pay travel and accomodation payment in Work and Travel programme?

The student pays these payments. Especially plane ticket is a cost to be paid before going to America. The prices are about 850 dollars but this price is fort he East states of America.

If it is a state in Western – for example California – You have to pay between 1100 or 1200 euros. Also acommodation is a cost the students have to pay. Some of the employers can say that they can pay the acommodation.

In such these situations, working timetable and salar yare discussed and also allowance is determined too. The employer provides the acommodation. The students is given a room, they have dormitories and the students can share the apartment or dormitory as 5 or 6 people.

World Travel by Cruise

What are the advantages of travel by cruise with regard to the other travel categories?

In fact, our bay is the most beautiful holiday art needed to be experienced and if you like the sea, this is a place which presents you historical and natural beauties combining with the sea and harbour. If you want to benefit these possibilities, there is an easy thing you should do.

Night cruise travel photoPick up your clothes, get a cruise travel by taking your two suitcases consisting of your camera, then you will have the chance of seeing 7 or 8 countries by cruise travel where you will also have a journey in beautiful harbours. If you like this, if you like comfortable life, if you like food, if you like entertaintment also the casinos, make a move!

Get a cruise travel, put out to sea, experience this beauty in the best way. Cruise can not be used a trasnportation tool because it is a travel art. You can not get cruise travel fort his purpose. it is a lively part of the travel in your dreams created for you to travel only the destinations you select.

What does cruise mean?

Cruise is the travel art in all of the seas in the world. By what? Of course ships. Also these ships should have a certain size.

These ships includes approximately between 1000 and 3000 people and have 12 and 20 stories and also there are some hugeships where there are a lot of restaurants, opera and theatre saloons, casinos, swimming pools, spa centers and also entertaintment center.

Also cruise is not used for transportation because it is not a transportation tool. Because it is a travel art, the cruise means the travel art where you can travel by ship in the world.

What kind of features do the cabins in the cruise?

Before traveling by a cruise, the thing you will decide is to select the cabin you will stay in. You should select the cabin which is suitable for your budget.

Cruise travel tips

Cabins are grouped in two typessuch as internal cabins with windows, internal cabins without Windows or apart from these ones cabins with balcony or suit or delux ones. If you will stay in an internal cabin without windows, you will use the cabin only for sleeping.

24 hours room service is available in cabins which are 10 or 12 square meters big. If you will stay in an external cabin with windows, you can at least the harbour you approach in your cabin. Apart from this, you will entertain, benefit the acitivites or visit the historical and touristic places in the harbour.

If you are interested in comfortable and deluxe life, then you should get your cabin with balcony and cross your legs drink your beverage opposite the ocean in a cheerful way. If you are more interested in your comfortable life style, then I suggest you to prefer suits where you benefit 24-hours private services. These suits have every services. Also there is a piano in your suit. You have 24-hour service that you can want everything.

What kind of preparations can be performed before Cruise travel?

You should be comfortable because you should get prepared as if you would go to stay in a hotel for one hour. In other words, when you open your suitcase, you should get right clothes you can weat according to the climate. If you travel in summer, you should get clothes for summer. If you think traveling in summer and you want to see Scandinavian fiords, do not suppose that the weather will be good and get your umbrella and a jacket.

Cruise travel ship photoIf you want to get around South America continent, – you will come to the peak of the South pole, you will see penguins, then you should get thick clothes which are durable for cold weather even if it is summer in South America continent. It is impossible to get bored in cruise, because cruise officers thought everything. They prepared a programme where you can get entertain for 24 hours and this programme is left in your cabin before one day.

In this programme, everything about what you will do is written. The only thing you should do is to note down the activities which are sutiable for you and to experience this beauty in 24 hours.

You do not get bored in cruise travel. When there is a problem about health, there is a small parmachy in the hospital. Be careful! When you have health problem in cruise, then you have to pay very high payment if you do not have an international insurance.

Bring your medicines in case you have sea sickness or you have to pay big bill in cruise.

What can be done in cruise travel in an emergency?

Technology has developed in the world. There are each of possibilities where you can solve all of your health or emergency problems. There is a hospital in the cruise. You did not hear false. You can find everything here in case of any health problems such as heart attack or other serious situations. You can also find intense care there.

In an emergency, technology has developed. In Internet, satellite connection also in operations, helicopters can land in cruise and you can arrive places you should arrive. Briefly, when you have bad situation in cruise, cruise has the possibilities that can take you the places you should go such as Internet, satellite connection and helicopter’s landind in cruise holiday.

What kind of activities can you find in cruise?

You can have animations and activities for 24 hours. You can have entertaintments in swimming pool, casinos, night clubs, theatre saloons.

Cruise night ship

You do not have problem about food because there are between 4 and 10 restaurants from every kind of country. There are two main restaurants an done of them is on the top floor and it is open buffet and another one is Ala carte restaurant where you can have chance for tasting all the country restaurant food.

There is a private nursery and in this nursery your children can play all kinds of games and there are nannies who can deal with your children. You can bring your children here in a trusting way.

About sports activities, you can find all kinds of sports acitivities here. You can benefit from spa centers, play basketball, play voleyball, play football, run and you can have the possibilty of playing sports in cruise. About entertaintments, I suggest you to watch theatres and wonderful shows. After the show finishes, there is a gamling casino. If you trust your chance, you can make your cruise travel free.

Where can we go by Cruise?

Cruise in ocean

When we look at the past, it was impossible to put out to Mediterranean from Turkey but when the cruise travel developed, the divisions of the ships grew and especially the harbours of Turkey had the feature where cruise will be experienced, then from now on, cruise ships approach the Turkish harbours and it is possible to put out to Mediterranean travels and have connected travels.

Also no cruies have beenprepared or experienced by the ships as big as transatlantics that can get around the big oceans yet because Turkey has not got the potential for this. If you want to have a transatlantic cruise and put out to Atlantic ocean then to Indian ocean, you can go certain places by plane and you can have transatlantic travel by getting around the world from head to food.

Now you have a chance for traveling all the countries of Mediterranean from Turkey. You will have the chance for getting around the big Transatlantic oceans and arriving another points of the world.

How are European river cruises travel?

European river cruises are the best option for European people. They go on European rivers so it might be cheap cruise travel (but not so much cheap. Cruise travels are expensive everytime.) But it is easy to transport these cruises ships. Sometimes it might be more cheap in unusual times. European river cruises are more exciting cruise travel, and that is your first experiment for like these cruise holiday.

This post is about these questions:

  • What does cruise mean?
  • What kind of preparations can be performed before Cruise travel?
  • What can be done in cruise travel in an emergency?
  • What kind of activities can you find in cruise?
  • Where can we go by Cruise?
  • What kind of features do the cabins in the cruise?
  • What kind of features do the cabins in the cruise?
  • What are the advantages of travel by cruise with regard to the other travel categories?
  • European river cruises

If you want to world travel by cruise, these informations will be helpful for you.

New Zealand Travel

What are the impressive features of New Zealand?

New zealand north island photoThere are a lot of things that impressed me in New Zealand. The first one is visa. You have to struggle for getting visa. One of the countries that hardly gives visa is New Zealand. You  have to fill in forms consisting of approximately 20 pages.

After arriving in there, you will understand that it is a beautiful country. It is preserved and it dıdnt have any differences till now. I was impressed by its nature,ıt has an unbelievable nature. It is a gren country and there aren’t any wild animals there. There are no wolves and no foxes, bears, snakes that may kill sheep. There is only an insect breed. There is a bird breed called “kiwi”. In all big cities there are botanical gardens, you can see every kind of gren colors. Also you can understand how slow the life goes on here. You will feel as if you were in a different world. You will live away from the chaos of the life.

Also my sleeping order was affected in a bad way. There is 11-hour time difference and after 24-hour travel, you are complicated. You experience jetlag and you come to yourself in a few days.

What are the places that must be seen in New Zealand?

When you come to New Zealand, you will discover very beautiful cities. You can start with Okland. Okland is the biggest city of New Zealand like Istanbul. Apart from this, one of the places you should see is Sea Lions photo South Island New Zealand photoRotorova. You will see interesting points of Maori culture there. Also there are gaysers in Rotorova. It resembles Pamukkale. When w ego down of the city, there is Napiyer. The feature of Napiyer is that The sun firstly rises in Napiyer and  as it was rebuilty after 1931 earthquake, it is known as the capital of deko architect and there are very beautiful art deko buildings. Also Napiyer is known as one of the production line of New Zealand wine.

New Zealand is a country being formed of two islands – North Island and South Island. There is Wellington in the point where two islands gathered. Wellington is capital city of New Zealand. It is a very beautiful city, it is one of the cities that should be seen. One of the places that should be seen in South Island is Christ Chirch.

It is accepted as the most English city except England. If you g oto Dunedin, you will see a very beautiful nature and New Zealand is a very gren country. One of the cities where you can see this greenness is Dunedin. If you are interested in sports you can see Quins Mountain. If you select nature as the privileged option, you can visit the fiyorks in New Zealand because they are the most beautiful fiyorks exist in New Zealand.

How can we go to New Zealand?

You can only go to New Zealand by plane. It is the most distant country from Turkey. You have to use connecting flight. One of them ıs Dubai-Singapore line.

For example, when you fly by air lines, first of all use 4-hour flight to Dubai,then 7-hour Singapore. Then you will fly to Okland or you can fly Okland on Dubai by Amiarates Air Lines. Flight hours will exceed 25 hours.

If you g oto New Zealand on Australia, you can fly Okland,You can fly from Sydney to Okland by 3-hour flight. If you go by ship, it means this will be 2-day travel.

How can we make shopping in New Zealand?

You can find very beautiful souveniours in New Zealand, especially there are a lot of interesting souveniours in the shops of the museums. One of them is the shopping center of Maori Cultural Center in Rotaroa. For example, there are very beautiful souvenıours made of blue mussels. Also you can find nice work arts made of different materials.

As there are a lot of bovine  and ovine animals, you can find Works made of leather. For example, you can buy slippers made of leather. There are waist coats, jackets made of leather and also bags shaped of sheep and made of leather for children.

How is the climate in New Zealand?

New Zealand is in South hemisphere of the world so we live winter when it is summer in New Zealand. Therefore you can face a very good climate if you go there in December, January, February. New Zealand is a windy country.

Also New Zealand isn’t very hot as it is closer to South hemisphere of the world than Australia. For example, if you go there in December, it is summer time for New Zealand. Temperature will be approximately 20 degree. Therefore you need to bring coat, jumper you will need them especially at nights. When you go there in summer, everwhere will be green because New Zealand if one of the most green countries of the world. The nice one is that you go to a country where it is lived summer while you live winter in your country.

What can we eat in New Zealand?

New Zealand is an Island country and it is surrounded by water and you should taste sea food. There are ocean fish. Sea food such as lobsters, prawns especially mussels is wonderful in New Zealand. Apart from this, New Zealand is one of the countries which export the most amount of meat. In nearly all of the restaurants New Zealand meat is sold. Also there is a famous food called Wellington Beaf. If you like mutton, mutton is very delicious here as there a lot of sheep here. If you go to Okland, you can see Doner restaurants. There are Turkish restaurants.

You should remember one thing. Night life doesnt exceed late time. You can have a nıce night life in Okland and Wellington but other places are more comfortable and when you go to restaurants, you shouldn’t be late because they eat in early hours. Also service is very slow. New Zealand people are the ones who enjoy their lives to the full so you shouldn’t expect a fast service.

Rio de Janeiro Travel

Should we  go to Rio De Janeiro during the Rio Carnival?

In fact, going to Rio De Janeiro during the Carnival is a big difficulty and  calamity because I can watch this carnival on tv instead of living between one million tourists an done million Brazilian people. Certainly, one of the places and cities  that must be seen  before dying is Rio Carnival.

The carnival may not start on the same date in February but in February in 2008, after the 3-day final 234 where big show will be shown, in other words a lot of samba schools pass  in review their costumes called “kolso” and a lot of samba cars will be droven on this road, the last championship nominees will join this walking but I suggest you not to go to Rio De Janeiro, If you want to go there before dying and if you are there in February, then don’t miss going to carnival.

What are the places that must be certainly seen in Rio De Janeiro?

Arriving there after 14.5 hour-travel, 3 days arent enough to see Rio De Janeiro. You should at least 7 nights and 8 days, I think you should  get aroun not only Rio but also all the environment but how? First important 3 days involve getting around Rio and the days left involve getting around Iguasa Area and Iguasa Falls, Salvador, Bahiya Forteleza and Amazon forests.

One week is ideal for getting around Brazil comfortably but if we are in Brazil now, one of the places that must be certainly seen is Jesus Statue in Korkova Hill. It is 730 meters high and made of soapstone. The height of the statue that blesses the people and the tourists is a symbol.

There are a lot of places that must be seen not only in but also around Rio. One of them is Marakana, the most famous stadium. It was decided to be constructed for the forth World Cup and Brazil startet to come true this decision. In other words; Marakana Stadium where Uruguay beat Brazil as 2-1 in Final match started to be constructed but it couldnt be finished while the final match finished with a big sadness because Uruguay beat Brazil as a result of  2-1 score.

There are also a national history museum  and anational library here. The library especially displays the most important and original one of the bibles written till now. Also there are places that must be visited apart from Rio. There is especially the longest river of the World (it is 2,7 kilometers long) in Argentina. The places that seperate Paraguay and Rio are Amazon Forests.

There are 186 millions of people in Amazon forests in Salvado Bahiya border in west of Rio De Janeiro Because of this population, the forest consists of 60 percent of this population. Amazon forests… If you can save yourself from these forests, you can arrive in the most beautiful beach “Salvador de Bahiya”. Because Rio is a touristic place but yet it hasnt got a touristic flavour, it has stil has a plain life style. I think Brazil is one of the most beautiful places where need to be lived with Salvador de Bahiya with its the most beautiful beach of Brazil.

Is Rio De Janeiro an expensive city?

If you ask this question to us, Turkish people; it is not because today 100 dollars refers to 214 riyals. Riyal in Portugese means currency and we can do a lot of things with this Money. For example we can eat your fill for 1 week. It is not a lie, because while we pay 10 Turkish Liras for a menu in McDonalds in Turkey, we pay 5 Turkish Liras for the same menu in Brazil, It means that our one-day McDonalds menu in Turkey refers to 2-day menu in Brazil. If you want to stay in a five-star hotel in Copacabana beach, accommodation in city is expensive. It costs between 100 and 300 dollars for one night but if you prefer staying in a 4-star hotel, you pay between 30 and 50 dollars  for a night. Also you can walk to Copacabana beach in ten minutes.

In the point of shopping, there is bargaining possibility in every time and everywhere. There is a bazaar which is open between 20.00 and 00.00 on Copacabana beach. You can drive a hard bargain but when you go to a shop there is no possility for bargaining, you have to pay what the product costs. If you want to buy a special thing, I suggest you to buy the paintings made by Brazilian street  painters.

What kind of food culture does Rio De Janeiro have?

Perhaps one of the unique countries where you can eat with your raki is this city because there is a food culture called “Çulaskarya”. Its name is foreign but when I explain it, you will understand how domestic it is. The meat taken from the most beautiful animals is put on your table. Think about big spits. 25 different parts of the animal are taken and ranged on these spits and they are barbecued on charcoal grill.The waiters services these spits. There are a red and a green signal. When you select the gren signal,you can eat meat as much as possible. If you select red one,it means “I am full, I cant eat more”.

Compare the price of the meat in Turkey with Rio‘s meat price. One of the most important features of the Turkish’ palatal delight is fish. There are such restaurants that you can eat “Çulaskarya” -based barbecued fish. You can eat every kind of fish how much you want for only 30 dollars. You can come to Rio for only eating..

How can we go to Rio De Janeiro ?

Initially, marine transportation was used to go Rio De Janeiro and you can go there by marine transportation now but people prefer coming here by plane instead of arriving here after 2030 days by marine transportation. There isnt direct plane to Brazil but there are time tables for Brazil in Europe. I have good news; there will be direct planet o Brazil in Turkish Air Lines. Now the best airport is Airfrance. You can go directly to Rio De Janeiro Paris by connecting flight from İstanbul. There are two timetables for Brazil. You arrive here first of all from Istanbul to Paris in 3,5 hours and then from Paris to Rio De Janerio in 11 hours. It means that it is possible to  arrive Rio De Janeiro in 14,5 hours.

Apart from Airfrance, there are another airports such as Alitarya, Riberya and Riftanza but these airlines arrive directly not Rio but another cities of Brazil and then use connection. Therefore Airfrance is the best airline. Visa for Brazil isnt necessary because most of the countries want visa from Turkish and this is a difficult thing. Thanks to our good relationship with South America we don’t have to have visa for Brazil. You can come here whenever you want.

What kind of problems can we face in Rio De Janerio?

Whenever you go,it is possible to face pick pocketing evetns. This event is experienced by tourists in not only Turkey and İstanbul but also all the World especially in Rio. Rio and Rio government found a alternative for this unfortunate event especially for Copacabana beach. There is a big bidonville and Rio government support these people in this bidonville and they don’t use pick pocketing very much. I suggest you not to wear expensive jewelleries when you go out in Rio. We, Turkish People, love wearing such things and face these pickpocketing events more. Crime rate isnt high but you should be careful.

In which months can we go to Rio De Janerio?

In fact, seasons  are very variable in the World. If you go to South America, you should think when you should go there because in winter, you can prefer sunbathing in Kopakopana beach instead of being frozen in Turkey. It means we had beter go to Rio De Janeiro in winter. We can stay in  Rio De Janeiro from November to April and sunbath in Copacabana beach. We must bring summer dresses while going there. You have to return in April because hurricanes start. Hurricane and rain season end up in October. Although it is sunny  and hot in Rio, we should live our summer season in Turkey.