Work and Travel

How much Money does Work and Travel programme cost?

Work and Travel programme cost is about between 2500-2800 dollars. What is the difference between these prices? The registering price taken from foundation varies. There are foundations costing 900 or 1200 dollars. Also the fix expenses are 15 Turkish Liras now.

The allowance is important. Plane ticket is 850 dollars. For passport you pay 150 dollars. You can get your visa by paying 116 dollars to American Embassy. Also you have to have at least 500 dollars as allowance. Also the foundation wants registering payment.

What kind of jobs can not we do by Work and Travel in America?

The students who go to America by Work and Travel can not work in these branches: First of all, education and health section. They can not work in children summer camps. They can not work as an oper by looking after the babies or children. They can not work in illegal places.

For example; one of the students who went to America by Work and Travel was not allowed to work in a shop that sells alcholic drinks. They can not work in such these shops.

If we talk about the reasons, the American may not want to maket he different nationality people work in their education and health section because the conditions of this programme is determined by the American government.

Who can join Work and Travel programme?

The ones who are 18 and above it and go to unversity can join this progamme. They have to know English as much as they can use daily speaking. Also American government wants the successful students to come to America. So they require grade point average. The students have to have grade point average as at least 2.

What kind of visa can people get while going to America?

The visa type applied on Work and Travel is the visiter visa which includes working permission. To get this visa, the one has to have Work and Travel conditions. They have to be student, know English intermediate level English and have to above 18 and the limit is 30 age but the embassy examines the people who are above 25 in detailed.

If there are some blanks about what you did in your past, they examine this. They made an interview especially about school information. They want everybody to bring their transcripts. They want you to have average grade point at least 2. If it is not 2, they can not get visa. If so, they can get visa in a comfortable way.

In what kind of jobs can the student do when he goes to America?

The employers see the students coming there by Work and Travel as unqualified people. For example, it is not possible to work in education and health section and summer children camps or as a oper. Apart from this, they can work everywhere. They can work in cafeterias, shopping centers, fastfood restaurants and also they can work in holiday centers.

First of all we suggest our students to find job on their own. The student who found a contact about finding a job can join this programme and wants contact about visa operations. After finishing visa operations, he can g oto America and can find job.

What is Work and Travel USA?

It is an Exchange programme providing university students work in seasonal work in USA in summer. American government determines that this is a cultural Exchange programme.

In fact, Work & Travel is supported by the other countries to work in seasonal busy working days and with this progamme the student does not have to work but the student got j1 visa and he has to show that he works in a shop or another place. The students join this programme to earn allowance.

Who pay travel and accomodation payment in Work and Travel programme?

The student pays these payments. Especially plane ticket is a cost to be paid before going to America. The prices are about 850 dollars but this price is fort he East states of America.

If it is a state in Western – for example California – You have to pay between 1100 or 1200 euros. Also acommodation is a cost the students have to pay. Some of the employers can say that they can pay the acommodation.

In such these situations, working timetable and salar yare discussed and also allowance is determined too. The employer provides the acommodation. The students is given a room, they have dormitories and the students can share the apartment or dormitory as 5 or 6 people.


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